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Are there any replacement keys for the keyboard?

Are there any replacement keys for the keyboard?

My [1/!] Key and [Ctrl] key are broken. I removed them to clean after I spilled a little juice on it, but as I was putting it in the pins that would lock them into the clip broke. The clip and rubber piece is fix on the actual keyboard but the key itself no longer has anything to "snap" it in place.

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"Not sure if any of you solved this problem already, but I had a similar issue (i.e., spilled juice, removed several keys to clean, and one wouldn't reattach properly - I think a little part broke). Few websites carry Surface Book keys, but I was able to find a replacement at QuickFix Laptop Keys (http://www.quikfixlaptopkeys.com/?produc...).

The part was expensive ($25), and I was wary of ordering from a random website. But the package shipped quickly, and fit perfectly. Not sure who this vendor is, but they were surprisingly reliable. Hopefully the price will come down over time, as the Surface Book becomes more prevalent."
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The tablet portion can be charged without the keyboard. The middle connector/port where the clipboard connects to the keyboard is the same as the charging port since it is also a Surface Connect Port.
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"Hi Philippe,

thanks a lot for your effort! Unfortunatally, believe it or not, I'm not present in any social network. However, the following link:

Surface Book Ctr-Key

refers to a picture of my, thanks to duct-tape, still working ctrl-key,."
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You can buy a replacement keyboard on Ebay or Amazon... and either replace the keys or keyboard... your choice
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I talked to Microsoft and they will not repair or replace the keyboard. And since the tablet is charged through the keyboard, it will not charge either. What evidence of a bad line of products. Now I have a $2100 paperweight.
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"Hi JTMillar

Did replacing the keys fix the spilled juice stickiness?

I have spilt coke and 5 keys are affected , I am happy to remove/replace them but only want to do so if in removing the keys I can get to all the sticky parts? No point doing it, to see that the bit the coke got to is behind the key?

How did you remove the keys? Do I need any tools or just pull them from keyboard?