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Are there Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts for Log Off and Standby?

Are there Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts for Log Off and Standby?

I like the Windows-L keyboard shortcut to lock the computer. Are there similar shortcuts for "Log Off" and "Standby"? Is it possible to remap Windows-L to a different function?

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Guest [Entry]

"With an AutoHotkey script, you can remap the Win+L shortcut and create another one for Sleep (I chose Win+S, normally not used unless you use OneNote):

#l:: ; Win+L
Shutdown, 0 ; this is the code for Log Off

#s:: ; Win+S
DllCall(""PowrProf\SetSuspendState"", ""int"", 0, ""int"", 0, ""int"", 0) ; DLL call to sleep

There is more detail on the DLL call in AutoHotkey's help file:

; Call the Windows API function ""SetSuspendState"" to have the system suspend or hibernate.
; Windows 95/NT4: Since this function does not exist, the following call would have no effect.
; Parameter #1: Pass 1 instead of 0 to hibernate rather than suspend.
; Parameter #2: Pass 1 instead of 0 to suspend immediately rather than asking each application for permission.
; Parameter #3: Pass 1 instead of 0 to disable all wake events.
DllCall(""PowrProf\SetSuspendState"", ""int"", 0, ""int"", 0, ""int"", 0)"
Guest [Entry]

"The Windows 7 hibernate shortcut key is more like a PlayStation secret function!

⊞ Win, →, →, then:

H - hibernate
S - sleep
U - shutdown
O - lock
L - log off

It helps when you have lost your screen on the way! An alternative shortcut to hibernate is:

⊞ Win + D, Alt + F4, H, Enter"
Guest [Entry]

"This tutorial is for Windows Vista, but should work also for Windows 7.

Vista Log Off Shortcut Creation"
Guest [Entry]

"This should really help out: Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts / Windows / Keyboard-Shortcut.com

Shutdown is actually Win→Enter."
Guest [Entry]

"create a shortcut
inside run

shutdown /l


set to shortcut key to WIN+ALT+L