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ASIO low latency audio problems with wireless networking

ASIO low latency audio problems with wireless networking

I use my laptop to run virtual instruments that I control with a MIDI keyboard. For this reason I need very low latency audio. I use a Roland EDIROL UA-1EX, a pretty basic USB 2.0 audio device which gets me down to about 11ms of latency. Here's the thing though - with my wireless turned on, every 30 seconds or so the audio will go choppy for about five seconds, which is terrible especially for live performance. I've gotten quite used to turning off the wireless whenever I practice or perform live, but it would be so much nicer to be able to use wireless networking while making music, for a variety of reasons.

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"The problem is that audio applications on Windows XP run as regular user-mode applications and are thus pre-empted when the system gets too busy. Windows Vista and Windows 7 run audio applications in a special mode called the Multimedia Class Scheduler. This may solve your problem.

It is also possible that the issue is in your wireless driver. If the driver takes too long to service requests, that can starve the system of resources for long enough that glitching will happen.

So suggestions are:

Make sure you have the latest wiresless driver
Upgrade to Vista or better yet Windows 7
Get a new laptop. The noise you hear on your XP laptop should be missing from any Vista-logo'd device as Microsoft started measuring that in the Vista timeframe."