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ASP.NET Display SVN Revision Number

ASP.NET Display SVN Revision Number

"I see in the Stack Overflow footer that the SVN Revision number is displayed. Is this automated and if so, how does one implement it in ASP.NET?

(Solutions in other languages are acceptable)"

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"Make sure that the file has svn:keywords ""Rev Id"" and then put $Rev$ somewhere in there.

See this question and the answers to it."
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"In my rails app I have a secret action which literally does this:

render :text => `svn info #{RAILS_ROOT}`

This is the equivalent of Process.Start( ""svn info..."" ) if you're only familiar with .NET)

If I'm wondering if the guy who manages the servers has updated the site recently, I can hit this URL, and have a look."
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in our continuous integration setup we use SVNRevisionLabeller and pass the variables from this to MSBuild to use when creating the compiled website dll. It's then available to .NET using GetCurrentAssembly() in the final build.