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Audio Line-In on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Audio Line-In on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

I'm currently on Windows, and want to switch to Linux, but some hardware issues are preventing me. Mainly, I have a sound card that supports Line-In. On Windows, anything I plug into the line-in gets outputted to the speakers.

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"Your sound-card does it. Just open the volume control applet, and move ""Line in"" channel top the top (you might need to enable the channel configuration slide so it's not hidden).

Also try opening console (gnome terminal), and launch there:

$ alsamixer

You'll get a command-line volume control. Find ""Line in"" by pressing →, and hold ↑ untill it reaches 100%. Also check the slider's bottom: if ""MM"" is there then the channel is muted. Hit M key, and it will become enabled.

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"I am not sure which versions of Ubuntu this applies to but I know in 10.04 the loopback module to enable monitoring the line-in is not enabled by default. To enable this function issue this command in the terminal:
pactl load-module module-loopback

Adding this to your ~/.bashrc (or the start script of your choice) makes it persistent after each logout/logon."
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On some machines there are line in and mic in connections on the front as well as the back of the case, and they are selectable. When using the colume control applet, you might poke around to see if there is a linein-front that needs to be enabled.