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Auto Generate Database Diagram MySQL [closed]

Auto Generate Database Diagram MySQL [closed]

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I'm tired of opening Dia and creating a database diagram at the beginning of every project. Is there a tool out there that will let me select specific tables and then create a database diagram for me based on a MySQL database? Preferably it would allow me to edit the diagram afterward since none of the foreign keys are set...

Here is what I am picturing diagram-wise (please excuse the horrible data design, I didn't design it. Let's focus on the diagram concept and not on the actual data it represents for this example ;) ):

see full size diagram"

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"Try MySQL Workbench, formerly DBDesigner 4:


This has a ""Reverse Engineer Database"" mode:

Database -> Reverse Engineer"
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I've recently started using https://github.com/schemaspy/schemaspy . It strikes me as having a good balance between usability and simplicity. (GraphViz now optional)
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On a Mac, SQLEditor will do what you want.
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This http://code.google.com/p/database-diagram/ will reverse engineer your database. Just do an export 'structure only' then paste the SQL into the tool.