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Automatic update of Firefox in Vista

Automatic update of Firefox in Vista

Last year I got a PC for the kids with Windows Vista and, amongst other things, set it up with a copy of firefox 3.0.1. None of the kids accounts are administrators so every now and then software asks for the admin password to perform software upgrades.

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"If you want to update Firefox for ALL the users on the computer, you are going to need sign to do the updates as an administrator. I suggest that you sign up for a free service that sends you an email whenever Firefox is updated so that you can then take 5 minutes and upgrade for everyone on the computer. I know that this is a pain, but then again, keep in mind that Firefox doesn't update to often.

A free service that will tell you when Firefox upgrades is here, but the page with try and download the latest version of Firefox first. Just cancel the download:


About halfway down the page there is a text box that says, ""Want to be notified when Firefox is updated?"" Enter your email and you'll be good to go."