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Autounmounting USB keys with FAT filesystem on Linux (RHEL5)

Autounmounting USB keys with FAT filesystem on Linux (RHEL5)

For security reasons, I have two workstations i front of me, and I can only transfer data between them through a USB key.

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"If your system is using HAL to automount USB sticks, you need to tweak the HAL configuration. I'm not sure what the best way to do this is, but here are a couple of methods that might work for you.

Several sites indicate that mount options can be added into Gconf with the gconf-editor or gconftool tools. My understanding is that these are per-user tweaks; I'm not sure how to effect system-wide defaults in Gconf.

Start gconf-editor
Find or add the key /system/storage/default_options/vfat/mount_options
Set the new value to your desired mount options. I assume the syntax is a comma-separated list, such as you'd use with mount -o, like one of these examples:


The HAL specs show several properties in the storage.policy.* namespaces that affect the mount options. HAL and Dbus are complicated, but a lot of the default configuration happens in /etc/hal and /etc/dbus-1. On my Ubuntu system, /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi is one place where I could tweak HAL's default policies. On your system, you'll need to locate the proper place.
Read through this answer I wrote about HALevt. It's written from a Debian perspective, and you aren't using HALevt, but the HAL tweaks should be similar. Hopefully the links and examples might give you some ideas of where to start looking."
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You haven't given enough information to answer your question. For starters, what operating system(s) are these two workstations using?