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Backlight only, no image after screen replacement

Backlight only, no image after screen replacement

I replaced the front screen digitizer assembly on an Verizon iPhone 4. All instructions followed as outlined. Upon trying to turn the iPhone on, I see the backlight but there is no image at all. I disassembled, and reassembled rechecking all connections, etc. same issue. I have tried to soft reset, hard reset. Does not resolve the issue. When I hook the iPhone up to my PC it is recognized without a problem. Still it continues to only light the backlight but no image is displayed. Is something not making contact or should I conclude a faulty screen/digitizer assembly? Or is there another suggestion for troubleshooting?

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"Hi all,

I have a similar problem - I've replaced my screen & digitiser and only the backlight is working, no picture. It makes the camera sound when I do a screenshot so I know the device itself is on.

The old screen was still working, but the glass was smashed hence the repair. As per online advice, I reconnected the old screen, and now I have the same trouble - the backlight is working but there is no image.

I figure this indicates I have done something to the inside. All the connectors seem to be connected properly, as I rechecked this during both assemblies.

My next step is to clean all the connectors with alcohol, and I will let you know if makes any difference, but my question is: is anybody able to please let me know the purpose of each of the two screen connectors? I'd like to know which one I need to pay particular attention to.

Thank you


Hi guys

Here is an update:

Cleaning the connectors with isopropyl alcohol didn't help, so I figured it wasn't a case of the connectors being dirty.

I took it to a professional fixer and now it works perfectly. He said I had most likely accidentally damaged the LCD ribbons on both screens (or the one I received was faulty and I had damaged the original while removing). In any case, the message was that the ribbons are super, super sensitive. Super.

Based on this info, if you're going to proceed with the fix I recommend making sure your parts are from a quality seller, are sent in rigid packaging, and you are extremely careful with the ribbons when feeding through. If your old screen still shows an image, take the same care in removal as you do in assembly (so you have something to test against).

Though there is of course definite value in taking your phone to a pro, I'm disappointed I didn't get to see what was done to it (or get the satisfaction of a successful repair). Also I have to take his word that it was the ribbons and not some trade-secret extra twist to a screw or something.

The pro expressed criticism of internet tutorials but I didn't ask why. Perhaps it is that they don't provide sufficient, emphasised warning for dangers like these..(?)

If the occasion arises in the future I would definitely attempt another fix with this knowledge. I hope this is helpful in any amount and am interested to know how others resolve the problem themselves.

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I don't buy the "fragile cable" story. I've got the same problem (backlight and sound only). I've tried the power on, home button, disconnecting the battery, etc... I replace screens for friends and family all the time. I had the opportunity to test the digitizer assembly on a different phone and it worked perfectly. The issue clearly with the phone. I hope someone figures this out!
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Ok guys I had the same problem with a hot pink after replacing a new lcd on a 4s phone.The phone will not function at all no backlight at all.So I decide to try other just encase still the same result..The screens faulted out my 4s main board,so I decide to disconnect everything and leave it out for a few minutes so I can flush all the power form the main board.As I tried the second screen it work,but as I notice that there were more oil residue on the gold connector pins which connect to the main board.This maybe be the cause or the bad screen.
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Try holding both buttons down until the apple shows up. The phone will hard reload, but keep your buttons held clear through it until the apple shows up.
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Try holding down the power button and the home button and it will work