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Can't copy and paste in Remote Desktop Connection session

Can't copy and paste in Remote Desktop Connection session

Is it possible to copy and paste inside a Remote Desktop Connection session?

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Guest [Entry]

"Assuming you're talking about Windows Remote Desktop Connection — before you hit Connect, click Options to expand the RDP connection window.

Click the Local Resources tab. Under Local devices and resources, click More.
In the new window, click Drives. Click OK to close.
Go back to General tab and click Save to save the settings for next time.

Barring any weird settings on the server side, you should be good to go."
Guest [Entry]

"I struggled with this one... until I realized rdpclip.exe was a program running on the RDP session machine and not my local machine.

Once on the right machine, killing and restarting fixed it for me."
Guest [Entry]

I never managed to get it to work. So I open a Google Docs document, open two browsers in the remote and local machine, and copy'n paste texts using it. Stupid solution, but works.
Guest [Entry]

"Yes, copying and pasting is possible. If you're using Windows 10 to remote into the other machine, ensure you are using the app titled ""Remote Desktop Connection"". Windows 10 apparently ships with 2 separate RDP apps:

""Remote Desktop"" - a newer, shinier more ""visual"" version
""Remote Desktop Connection"" - the original, classic-style you saw in older versions of windows

I never could get any of the other answers to work for copying local / pasting remotely using the newer RDP app. The ""Paste"" option remained grayed out on the remote machine. But once I realized there were two separate RDP apps on Windows 10, and I tried using the other app (which turned out to be the classic version)... I was able to do so successfully without jumping through any hoops. It just worked."
Guest [Entry]

"Try pasting to the Desktop of the RDP machine rather than into Windows Explorer.

Maybe this was due to the particular folder in Explorer requiring Administrator permissions, and pasting doesn't appear to pop up the permission elevation dialog. Either way, this workaround did the trick for me."