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Can I move a copy of Windows 7 from one machine to another? [duplicate]

Can I move a copy of Windows 7 from one machine to another? [duplicate]

This is a pretty basic question sorry but I've looked in the 'related questions' and couldn't find an answer.

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Guest [Entry]

"You are allowed a certain number of activations (unfortunately I can remember or find that number) and as long as you only activate it on one machine at a time you should be OK.

The answers on this Microsoft Answers thread would appear to support that view.

The answers on this other thread give some more information - you might have to call up to do the reactivation.

But I'd try installing and using Ultimate first before installing Home Premium on the other machine. As Windows ""phones home"" this might remove the association between Home Premium and your original hardware so that the activation on the new hardware can proceed without manual intervention. However, this is supposition on my part based on this comment:

If an inadequate amount of time has elapsed since the most recent installation/activation using that particular install key code then, in your new intall, automatic activation is likely to fail."