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Can I set a fixed order for non-apple icons on the menu bar of my MacBook?

Can I set a fixed order for non-apple icons on the menu bar of my MacBook?

I am rather OCD and like my icons in a particular order.

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"I can answer the part about launching applications in order when you log in: first, open AppleScript Editor and create a script along these lines:

tell application ""Address Book"" to activate
delay 10
tell application ""Chess"" to activate

(for whatever programs you actually want to launch). Save this script as an Application (the default is to save as a script, in which case it'll open in the editor rather than running). Then open System Preferences, Accounts pane, select your account, select the Login Items tab, and drag the script into the item list. That should do it."
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"Short Answer
Apple has enabled drag and drop functionality menubar icons since OS X 10.12, but the order will not persist across reboot. Without preferences being provided by the developer, the only way to reorder them is by opening the apps in a specific order, where those opened first will appear to the right. On occasion, some vendors write code that forces the icon to appear at one end or the other, giving you zero control over its position.

There are two types of icons in the OS X menu bar:

MenuExtra: Apple's private class to develop their own menu icons.
StatusItem: A class provided for third-party developers to create menu icons.

Apple's private class have a number of built-in perks, including:

If you double-click them (in the finder) they will load in the menubar and open automatically at login.
You can command-click them (in the menubar) and drag to reorder them.
To remove them you can command-click and drag them off the bar (similar to dock items).

Unfortunately Apple doesn't officially sanction the development of 3rd-party MenuExtras. The reason given is that they operate as plugins in the SystemUIServer and faulty code could cause instability in a core part of the operating system.
The class for developers doesn't provide such functionality out of the box (as of 10.6 Snow Leopard) and unfortunately there are currently no open source classes that permit commercial use.
Thus, developers typically do the following, in order of general occurrence:

Ignore the issue all together
Force a preset position
Provide a few basic preferences; or
Must write their own classes to duplicate the MenuExtra functionality

For a list of available MenuExtras, navigate in the Finder to:
/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras

For a well kept list of free and commercial StatusItems, visit:

Super OS X menubar items"
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I don't think you can do that, at least not without some hacking. I know that some apps that have menubar icons have options in the preferences on whether they appear closer to the left or to the right side. Other than than, dunno what else I can say but good luck!
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I believe it is possible as I am able to move around my iStat MenuBar, menu bar apps. I would e-mail the developer of iStat Menus and see how he did it, or maybe to create an app that would allow other apps to do it. Here is the developer's website: http://bjango.com/
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"You can buy a cheap app from the Mac App Store to do this; it is called ""MenuBar Rearranger""

The non-App Store web page is here; you can download a free trial: