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Can I trust these programs? Are they safe? What are they really?

Can I trust these programs? Are they safe? What are they really?

I found a couple programs on the desktop of my computer after another person used it. I have done some googling, but have no idea who or what I can and cannot trust. The programs in question are called:

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"Can I trust them?

No! ParetoLogic is on record for computer fraud, i wouldn't touch their products (DriverCure, Driver Detective, DriverGuide, DriverUpdates, DriverPro) with a barge pole, certainly mailcious software in my books!

The interwebs are full with complaints about the company.




Why would a person download them?

If you looking for decent software to backup your drivers and keep them updated, get DriverMax:

DriverMax is a new tool that allows
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on the web or inserting one
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You can also export all your current
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have everything in one place!"
Guest [Entry]

DriverCure is a malware as i can see. DriverCure.com website is a FAKE website and DriverCure is also a fake program. I suggest you to just dont take a chance with these programs.