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Changed a few things in bios and now black screen, bios inaccessible..

Changed a few things in bios and now black screen, bios inaccessible..

I was too quick and set my Fujitsu Laptop NH532 bios to NOT start up from hd and external device, but now i cant access my bios and have black screen.

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http://i61.tinypic.com/2j9imw.jpg picture of the buttons with light in them. Know if this. Looks ok?
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"I have the same situation. I am thinking about sending mine to a repair shop, to get the bios chip replaced, since I believe thats where the problem is.

Update (09/15/2015)

I have spotted a person, who have solved the problem.


The solution explained shortly. Take out the CMOS-battery and try to turn the computer on. After >100 tries the person on sweclockers succeded. When Windows loaded, he reflashed the BIOS.

This solution can´t work for me, since my windows can´t load. So I can´t flash BIOS since it can only be done from windows, unless you have speciel tools. So I have sent my motherboard to a shop in Germany, to get the bioschip reflashed/changed.

Update (09/30/2015)

I can now confirm, that replacing/reflashing the BIOS-chip works. I have my computer up and running."
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Does anyone of you know where the bios chip are at the motherboard..
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Hello! I have a Lifebook E734 and I have the same issue as stated in the title. I found 2 flash chips on the MB with E6 and E7 printed on them. Not sure what the purpose of each one is.