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Convert VMware VM to Virtual PC in Windows 7

Convert VMware VM to Virtual PC in Windows 7

I have an existing virtual machine which runs fine in VMware Player under Windows 7 until I attempt to run something else in Virtual PC. Is there a way to easily convert my existing virtual machine over from VMware to VPC?

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"Here's a nice post describing steps involved in converting VMWare's VMDK into VirtualPC's VHD.

I ran across WinImage. Its a really nice tool. This product is not free; its shareware. One of the many things this product will do is actually convert a VMDK directly to a VHD."
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"I found the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter, which claims to support this process.

Description from the website:

The Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter provides a
Microsoft-supported, freely available, stand-alone solution for
converting VMware-based virtual machines and virtual disks to
Hyper-V-based virtual machines and virtual hard disks (VHDs)—including
conversion from VMware to Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012"