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copy and paste in windows XP just stops working

copy and paste in windows XP just stops working

out of nowhere my copy and paste just stops working. has anyone seen this happening. is there any recommended way of debugging what is going on and any solutions to fix it?

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Guest [Entry]

"What I found:

This has to do with some application
that's having a lock over the Windows
Clipboard. David Candy's application
should determine the Process that's
causing the problem.

Download GetOpenClipboardWindow.zip
from here:
> http://windowsxp.mvpsdotorg/temp/GetOpenClipboardWindow.zip

Unzip and run the tool. Post back what
it reports. For best results, run
this utility during the time you
encounter the Copy<=>Paste problem.

So it might be some program is locking your Clipboard. Try to find out what's causing the problem and let us know."