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Copy full file path in Windows XP

Copy full file path in Windows XP

I've often the need to copy the full file path of a file or directory from the file explorer in Windows - is there any easy way of doing this ?

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In explorer go to tools - folder options and on the view tab choose display full path in the address bar. You can then copy and paste from the address bar.
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"Copy and paste this text into Notepad and save with a .reg extension:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=""Copy as Path""


Double click the .reg file, add to the registry, then log off and back on again. Download Clip.exe from Microsoft's FTP site, and copy it to C:\Windows\System32. Now if you hold SHIFT and right-click on a file, you'll see the Copy as Path submenu item."
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"Perhaps I misunderstood the question, but it seems to me that the other answers help only in displaying the name in the window title (the blue stripe at the top).

To get the address line, simply choose: View > Toolbars, and make sure the Address Line (or something similar, I don't have the English version installed) is checked. In case it is not - click it to make it checked."
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"Download the Get Path plugin from teaching.droidsdk.com, which I'm affiliated with.

This is a plugin for Windows; you can have the path of each file copied in the clipboard, ready for paste anywhere with just one click on the right click menu entry named “Get Path”."
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Right click, choose "open with", and open it with whatever browser you use. Then you can copy the full path name from the address bar