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Copy image location in vimperator

Copy image location in vimperator

When using vimperator, how do I do the equivalent of right-clicking an image and clicking "copy image location"?

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"Warning, I didn't try this, because I'm at work. This is the theory from what I read online

Download this file


and put it in

~/.vimperator/plugin/ (UNIX/LINUX)

or in

%HOME%\vimperator\plugin (Windows)

Usage (this is directly from the javascript source code):

== USAGE ==
Extended-hints mode ';m' to yank image URL and ';M' to save image are
available. These are default settings. You can change these by below

Ex-command ':downimageall' is also available. This is to download all
images of current page, but it effects heavy load to the server, you must
use carefully. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for result of this command.

Additionally, following modes are available if you installed Image Zoom
add-on ( addons.mozilladotorg/firefox/addon/139 ). These feature
were provided by Frank Blendinger. Thanks !!

';i' to zoom in image
';x' to zoom out image
';X' to zoom reset image
';z' to zoom fit image
';Z' to custom zoom image

Here are the official install instructions on the vimperator site. There are more plugins listed there, too."