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Copy protect music

Copy protect music

I would like to use a PC as a rent-able karaoke machine.

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"Rather than worry about securing the software in this case, you should focus on the hardware. Remove all the network ports, USB ports, floppy drives, and anything else that can be used to copy files. Physically lock the chassis to prevent anyone from just reaching in and ripping out the hard drive.

Chances are, for a karaoke machine, there'd be little need for anything other than a microphone input, an audio and possibly video output, and some sort of interface. Trim down to the necessities.

Basically, make it so they have no method of copying the files out in the first place. If they're savvy and persistent enough to break into a locked-down chassis for a hard drive full of karaoke music, while keeping it undamaged enough that you'll not charge them for hardware repair/replacement, they'd be getting the music one way or another regardless.

Don't forget, no matter how secure you make the mp3s, there'll always be the possibility of someone jacking into the audio output itself and recording their own files. Best you can hope for is to be frustrating enough that copying the mp3s themselves is just not worth the effort.

And, of course, you can always add encryption for that extra level of inconvenience. But it shouldn't be your first and only line of defense."