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Copying over only the things that are different [duplicate]

Copying over only the things that are different [duplicate]

I'm having a hard time synchronizing my folders. Currently I'm doing manual RAID-1.

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"You could try SyncToy, great for such tasks.

Typically, for your use, you would create a folder pair with C:\Something on the left, F:\Something on the right, and the action ""Echo"". It would make the right folder a backup from the left one, copying only modified files.

If I understood well, this is what you need ?

Note that you have ways of setting a SyncToy task in Scheduled tasks, and have your backup executed on a regular basis."
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Microsoft's RichCopy tool provides the options for this (plus a ton more):
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"Try BART: Very small in size and works great.
It's also very fast.