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Copying while preserving formatting in word

Copying while preserving formatting in word

I am trying to copy two pages from one Microsoft Word document to another. This changes my formatting, which I am currently trying to fix manually:

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"My page margins are different between the old and new document and I can't seem to change the formatting for a particular page

Can't do that this way, sorry. You would need to define a new section, set new margins inside it an then copy/paste it inside.

My text changes color, although this is trivially fixed

I didn't see any change in text color while copying text from one document to another.

Is there anyway to copy pages from one document to another - exactly as they are?

Only for simple cases ... I find it best to copy text from one document to an empty document, remove all formatting, and then copy it to a new document, and then quickly format it. This may not be acceptable to you, though.

Another alternative to my problem is to change the page margins for an individual page. I will ask if this is possible in another question.

See above, requires some work though (if you need it, best do it at start before editing)."