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Corrupt Boot Sector

Corrupt Boot Sector

My girlfriend recently tried to install some printer drivers, and I guess her computer BSOD'ed. When the computer powers up it says the computer was turned off yada yada, with the options start the computer normally, boot into safe mode... etc. (The typical options)

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"It certainly sounds like a hardware problem, especially if you can no longer get into safe mode. But that's strange since it started occuring while installing drivers.

Perhaps the installation of the drivers was in the middle of modifying key system files when it shouldn't have been, but then a system restore should theoretically fix that.

I have had problems with sound drivers causing BSOD's on boot, rolling back the version fixed it.

I have also had a problem in the past where I would get BSOD's on boot - it would say windows is starting and as soon as the desktop/mouse cursor should appear it would blue screen. It said the common message IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL which is usually a memory problem. However in that case I found that when I disconnected ALL USB devices (including keyboard and mouse), the machine would boot.

Knowing the exact BSOD error message would be a big help to us."