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CPUs jammed by SearchIndexer?

CPUs jammed by SearchIndexer?

I was minding my own business scripting along, hunting down some docs on a library i used for a piece of code that i dusted off. I searched for a simple thing ('ex', with quotes) in the documents directory for the libraries that come with the scripting language i use, and shortly thereafter, both of my CPU's jammed themselves to 100% and it seems that SearchIndexer is the culprit. Did my search trigger an indexing party or something?

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Guest [Entry]

"Most likely, however I don't think it will be permanent.

The Vista/Windows 7 search indexer is good, but it can be very resource heavy if not run in a while.

If I open Outlook for the first time in a week, it is common for my CPU to be at 100% for a few minutes whilst indexing, the same goes for if I just extract a huge file (I mean 1000+ files) to an indexed location."