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Create a basic html file that opens in IE

Create a basic html file that opens in IE

I created a basic html file and it opens fine in firefox. But in IE it just shows up as plain text (the tags are shown instead of rendered).

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Guest [Entry]

"This could very well be a problem in the registry.

Look for the following key in the registry editor (which I hope you're familiar with):


Does the ""Content Type"" REG_SZ value exist, and if so, what is its value?

If it does exist, it should be ""text/html"".
If it doesn't exist, use the (Default) REG_SZ value to locate the associated file type HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key. E.g. if it says htmlfile, look under:


If that key doesn't have a ""Content Type"" value either (or it isn't ""text/html""), create it and set it to ""text/html"". That should fix it.

If you have to make that change, though, it might just be a stop-gap solution, since I don't know what actually ""corrupted"" those MIME types in the first place.

I also don't know if there are any other, better ways to fix this."
Guest [Entry]

"The Microsoft Windows default settings will hide the extensions of most common files (including .htm or .html). Follow these instructions to ensure that file extensions are showing. Another way to reveal the real file is to right-click on the file and click Properties. What filename is shown near the top of the Properties window?
If the file is indeed appropriately named then the issue is likely to be an Internet Explorer fault. Send the file to someone with the same version of Microsoft Windows and Internet explorer to see how it behaves. Better yet, upload it to MediaFire (no account required) and we will test it for you :)"
Guest [Entry]

"It sounds like it would be the filename having an improper extension.

When you save the file (in notepad or whichever program you choose) make sure to type the filename as ""filename.html"" WITH the quotes."
Guest [Entry]

"Make sure you save as filename.htm (type out the name and extension.)
If you are using notepad as your editor, make sure that the ""save as type"" is ""all files"" this will allow you to use the file extension you type (.htm) or as one of the other responders mentioned you actual file might be named file.htm.txt I ran your code and it works when saved correctly."
Guest [Entry]

"I assume you have tried to repair/reinstall IE?

Maybe a long shot, but have you looked for adware/spyware/etc? I once encountered an adware toolbar that set itself up as a local proxy server so it could redirect all traffic to an external source which they could monitor and inject ads into the response. Because the external server couldn't reach local/intranet addresses such links failed to load properly.

Update: (uh, nevermind)"