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Create a playlist in iTunes based on a hard drive folder

Create a playlist in iTunes based on a hard drive folder

I'd like to be able to base playlists in iTunes on a folder on my hard drive.

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If you make an empty playlist and then drag the folder from the harddrive over that playlist, it will load all that music in that playlist.
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"Aha, found a solution.

iTunes doesn't seem to be able to do this, but WinAMP will.

So, enqueue all the MP3s in question in WinAMP (generally, the easy way is to right-click on the folder itself and choose ""Enqueue in Winamp"".) Save the resulting playlist as an M3U.

Create a new (and empty) playlist in iTunes.

Drag the M3U from Windows Explorer into the empty playlist and viola.

There is one catch - save the M3U in the same folder as the music files - otherwise WinAMP will put relative paths in the M3U rather than just the file names, and this will cause iTunes to think these are new files, even if you've already imported them. If the M3U doesn't have paths, just the file names, iTunes will recognize which files it already has imported and will act accordingly."
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"In OS X you can write a AppleScript to do what you want, e.g. my DiskHierarcyToItunes you can find at http://vladalexa.com/scripts/applescript/itunes/
Possibly you could do this on a mac then export that library to iTunes on windows."