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Create JBOD or RAID 0 on a Windows Drive

Create JBOD or RAID 0 on a Windows Drive

Is it possible to create a JBOD or RAID 0 using an empty drive, and a drive that contains windows? I don't have a very computer literate family, and teaching them to put their stuff on the D: rather than C: is too much of a concept for them to remember/practice. I end up receiving phone calls every month about them not having enough space to open up email attachments, etc. I would like to not have to spend any money on it (Windows Software RAID), but still be able to increase their disk space without repeatedly teaching them something they will never use. If the answer is budget intensive, it's a no-go... Labor intensive I can handle (I have plenty of time).

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"You can mount the 2nd drive in a folder on the first one. You don't really want RAID-0 because if one drive dies, all your data is gone. You don't want JBOD because...well JBOD is garbage. Windows can't boot from a dynamic disk anyway, so you can't use the built in Windows utility for it.

To mount a drive in a folder instead of as a drive letter you can

Right click on My Computer and select Manage.
Then click Disk Management
Select the volume you wish to mount inside of another and click Change Drive Letter and Paths
From there you choose Mount in the following empty NTFS folder

This will hide the second drive letter and it will look like a normal folder on C: or wherever else you choose to mount it."