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Creating an app shortcut in Windows 7 XP Mode

Creating an app shortcut in Windows 7 XP Mode

I have a VERY old legacy app that I've managed to move from machine to machine; the installer for it doesn't actually work under newer versions of Windows, but I was able to track down the registry changes and DLL registrations necessary to make it work. I'm able to create a desktop icon in my XP mode environment, and the program works... but I'd like to add an icon to the Windows 7 menu, and run the program in semi-native mode.

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"There is some info at Windows 7 and the power of XP » Medo's Home Page.

You need to manually create ""Programs
on the XP VM"" folder under
""C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Start Menu"". Once shortcut gets
placed there, it also gets copied to
Windows 7 menu.

You need to run the ""New Shortcut"" wizard in the proper folder — copying over a shortcut you previously created on the desktop doesn't work."