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Customize LAN to favor bandwidth to one computer [duplicate]

Customize LAN to favor bandwidth to one computer [duplicate]

I would like to customize my router's settings so that one computer in my home network is favored bandwidth-wise. There are 4 computers. Is this possible? My router is a Belkin, that I can easily access both physically and electronically.

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Guest [Entry]

"if your Belkin router does not support traffic shaping, all is not lost: you can install Traffic Shaper XP and throttle the other 3 computers' bandwidth.

Traffic Shaper XP is a free bandwidth
limiter for Windows 2000, XP and 2003
Server. It combines high performance
traffic shaping with the ease of use
and flexibility to keep your network
free of congestion.

another option would be setting up a spare box with Vyatta Community Edition.

Vyatta Community Edition is an
award-winning, Linux-based, open
source software providing routing,
firewalling, VPN, intrusion
prevention, and WAN load balancing
services, among others, for your
network. When you run Vyatta on a
standard x86 hardware system, you'll
create a powerful network appliance
that can run circles around
proprietary systems."