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CVS - ignore Thumbs.db on Windows

CVS - ignore Thumbs.db on Windows

What I tried so far is making a file, '.cvsignore' in the root of my module and then for the contents of the file:

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"If you want cvs to ignore files named Thumbs.db, why do you tell it to ignore files named something[dot]Thumbs.db?

Simply add Thumbs.db to your .cvsignore and you're done.


There are several candidates for the location of the .cvsignore file:

In the directory where the Tumbs.db file is located. This will only help for that single directory.
In your home directory. This will then apply do anything you do with cvs no matter what repository you are using.
In your CVSROOT directory. This will apply to all modules that belong to this repository."