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Cygwin under Windows 7 x64

Cygwin under Windows 7 x64

Migrating to Windows 7 x64, I'm having problems running Cygwin in this environment. It looks like ASLR feature of Windows 7 is the cause. It causes various DLLs to load at different addresses in virtual memory, and it looks like Cygwin expects to have the same base addresses for the same DLLs in the parent and child processes, when a child process is spawned. Apparently there is a specific check for that and the following message is displayed:

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had the same problem under Windows 7 64-bit, rebase solves it:
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"It's one of those few situation in which you will need Windows XP Mode, and not XP Compatibility. Hopefully your processor meets the requirements; You'll need a processor that supports hardware virtualization.

To be sure run the appropriate tool below.

Intel Processor Identification Utility
AMD Virtualization System Compatibility Utility

Note XP Mode is still in release candidate Mode. At least on my 32-bit machine it behaves nicely. I'm confident you will have a similar experience on your x64.

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