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Daily Dilbert strip served by https

Daily Dilbert strip served by https

I have a web site which embeds the Daily Dilbert comic strip by parsing it from the RSS feed that dilbert.com publishes, but said website is SSL encrypted, and the image as published is not. This triggers a mixed content warning in Internet Explorer.

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Guest [Entry]

"Let's pretend you've got the permission from Scott Adams or whoever owns the rights of the Dilbert strips.

You could do some reverse proxying, creating a rule for a fictive URL on your site, let's say a request


which triggers your reverse proxy mechanism to fetch the image from the dilbert.com site


and sending the response from your server with the content fetched from the Dilbert server. This way you can keep the SSL connection, because it's transparent for the user.

Depending on your platform you'll have to see your options for using a revery proxy mechanism."