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Data storage and backup plan for a photog?

Data storage and backup plan for a photog?

I've recently gotten into photography and now have a largish data problem. I also have never really had much on my home pc that I would cry over if I lost so don't have a good backup plan in place.

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"If I were you, I'd keep my files on my local PC, both for editing and as primary storage. Don't get too hung up on RAID: RAID is not backup.

For backup, I'd use, at the very least, both:

a USB, FireWire or networked HDD (or another computer, if you have a spare computer on the same network as your main PC).
online backups.

There are several companies whose products will handle both sorts of backup (local and online) simultaneously. Some will even let you send mail a hard drive with your data on, to jumpstart the online backups.

Crashplan and Mozy come to mind, but I expect there are others."