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Debugging Samba/CUPS printer sharing with Windows

Debugging Samba/CUPS printer sharing with Windows

I've got a HP Deskjet hooked up to a Slackware 12.2 box. I've got CUPS set up and can print a test page from the box just fine. I've also got Samba set up and have a couple file shares that work fine.

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"Here's the Samba page on printing with CUPS. I'm not a CUPS wizard (last time I did this, LPRng was still the new hotness) but apparently part of the CUPS setup is to create a print queue.

If you've already done that, you should be able to install a printer on the Windows machine and give it the network address


.. even if you can't browse directly to the printer. Obviously, replace ""smbserver"" with the name of the server and ""print_q"" with the name of the print queue.

You should be able to access CUPS configuration at http://localhost:631 and documentation at http://localhost:631/documentation.html (open these on your Linux system; they may be firewalled from remote access). If you haven't configured a print queue, that's where to start; if you have, it will probably be listed there."