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Dell E6500 sound missing - why?

Dell E6500 sound missing - why?

"I have Dell E6500 (figured out on Stackoverlow to be quite popular notebook). I have manually installed Windows XP Professional, with all drivers from Dell CD. However, there are some problems with YouTube – as I enter YouTube, movies do not load, and Firefox takes 90% of CPU. There is also problem with sound sometimes go missing… Missing sound usually occurs after I run VmWare Workstation. Of course everything is ok after reboot. I suspect some connection between Sound Card and some strange tool named “SRS Premium Sound”. Do you have any experience with missing sound on this computers?
Installed drivers:

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"I had some trouble with my sound settings on the e6500, but I'm running Windows 7
All you could do probably is uninstall the drivers (through the hardware manager) and try reinstalling them.

Installing the Dell drivers gave me an IDT sound manager, so perhaps download the newest drivers using your service tag.

Edit: looked for a link where you had to fill in your service tag, but mine auto-directs me to the Dutch website."
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Hmmm... I had a similar problem with my webcam after using a webcam extension for oovoo. What may have happened is after you ran VmWare Workstation, it could have changed what your default speakers were. If that is the case, you'll have to go to playback mixers via the volume option in the bottom right of the start bar and manually change the speakers until you find the ones that work.