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Dell Vostro built-in SD card reader missing

Dell Vostro built-in SD card reader missing

The computer does not seem do know that there is an SD card in the reader. The reader is showing up in Device Manager and I tested the SD card in another computer (it's fine).

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Guest [Entry]

"I don't know what caused it but the card started to work again. Beats me what was wrong. Among the steps I tried (written up as a to-do):

Make sure your card is working. Try it on another computer.
Try another card on the original computer that is having the issue. These steps should eliminate a bad card from the equation.
Check in Device Manager to see if your reader shows up there.
Reinstall any drivers that might be connected.
Make sure Windows is updated.

And then some of the combinations of readers. I have tried the card in:

Built-in Vostro card reader
Motorola USB SD Card reader plugged into the Vostro
SanDisk USB card reader plugged into the Vostro
The same SanDisk plugged into an Inspiron laptop
Built-in Inspiron card reader.

Now it works. I guess that's good but it leaves me bewildered."
Guest [Entry]

Here's the answer for a similar configuration: Vostro 1710, Windows 7 64-bit, needs the Ricoh R5C833 driver, got it from Dell Support R240788.