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Desktop space reservation

Desktop space reservation

This might be a bit of a stretch, but is there some software or method available to reserve desktop space, but allow certain programs to use it? Sort of like dividing the desktop so that maximizing a program only takes up a certain amount of the screen?

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"I'm not sure I understand. Are you lookign for something like this: MaxTo

There is a few more of them here: Windows Split Desktop Utility"
Guest [Entry]

"On windows? Not that I know of.

On Linux, Enlightenment can do this, with specially designated areas for icons etc. I don't know if it was implemented or not, but I think there was talk of thinking these desktop layouts with wallpapers, so your icons could avoid the nice/complex parts of your background.

KDE can do it a little too, with plasma containers. There is a windows port of KDE, but that's still quite new, so I wouldn't really recommend trying it yet.

OR, you could probably make a desktop file manager like nautilus run in non-root-window mode, so it's tiled beside other windows. A tiling window manager would make this very easy to keep alongside other windows without them overlapping."