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Detecting the monitor mode

Detecting the monitor mode

I think I want something that's not possible. Still, without asking I'd never know for sure... :-)

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"No, you have to manually switch the mode on the TV.

EDIT : Since this is SuperUser.com, I'm going to put a bit of effort in trying to help you achieve your dreams of saving 1 button press.

Your objective is to :

When you press the power button on the computer, the TV turns on, and at the same time, switches to PC mode.

Suggested way of achieving this :

Get an electronic infrared kit - the one that can send out programmed infrared beams - it's pretty cheap. Find it at your local electronics hobby store.

Program it to send 2 instructions - the infrared commands for ""Turn on my TV!"" and ""Switch to PC mode!"". Do not, I repeat, do not send the command for ""Autobots, transform!"".

Wire the trigger of the infrared kit to the power button on your PC. Set it to trigger when the button is pressed.