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Dial PPPoE connection on Windows startup

Dial PPPoE connection on Windows startup

Is there a way to automatically dial a PPPoE connection on startup? In Mac OS X, this is done automatically after login. It was also possible in Windows XP: when creating a new connection, it also created a shortcut to it on the desktop. Adding it to the startup folder and setting it to not prompt for credentials solved the problem.

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Guest [Entry]

"On Vista,

Open Control Panel

Network and share center
Manage Network Connections
Drag-and-drop dial-up connection to the startup folder

Something similar should be do-able on Windows 7 too."
Guest [Entry]

"On Windows 7 create new task in scheduler which executes on logon.
Action is rasdial.exe ""MyPppoeName"" ""Username"" ""Password""
Use full path to rasdial.exe if you have problems."
Guest [Entry]

This shows in part the value of a router, even for one PC only. The non-Windows, off-disk firewall should also add to the value of a router even for one PC.