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Disable cursor ring for tablet in Windows 7/8

Disable cursor ring for tablet in Windows 7/8

When I installed my Bamboo tablet in Windows 7/8, a ring shows anytime I click with the pen. Which annoys me.

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Guest [Entry]

"There's a new option. Wacom recenly (June 2013) released a new driver: Version 6.3.6-w3

The new driver seems to completely disable the pen rings and works in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 - I've tried it on 3 Windows 8 machine and 2 Windows 7 machines and can confirm its behavior on Intuos 4 and Intuos 5 tablets.

To use the new Driver:

Install the Driver (you will be asked to reboot if you already have a previous driver)
From the Start Menu or the Control Panel go to Wacom Tablet Properties
For Tablet, select your tablet device
For Tools, select your pen
For Application, select All
Then select the Mapping tab
At the bottom left of the Mapping tab, uncheck Use Windows Ink
Close Wacom Tablet Properties
You are done - you should see no more dynamic feedback/ripples or other effects such as drag-delay or press-and-hold

More details are here: http://viziblr.com/news/2013/6/24/the-windows-and-wacom-tablet-nightmare-is-over.html"
Guest [Entry]

"The instructions involving the Group Policy Editor will work for Windows Professional and Ultimate. But it doesn't work on Windows 7 Home Premium - because Home Premium doesn't have a Group Policy Editor.

Essentially you'll need to modify the registry to disable the rings. There's a REG file at the bottom at the link below that will do this for you