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Disable pendrive blinking in Linux

Disable pendrive blinking in Linux

I recently bought a 16GB Super Talent pen drive that seems to work well for running the Ubuntu Live "CD" in persistent mode (see this for how I installed it). One slightly annoying thing, however, is that this pen drive has a bright red light on it that stays on when it's idle.

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"I have only seen the ability to change light patterns once on a funky USB stick years ago - It had a number of LEDs and you could do a variety of things, I got it free at a trade show, but it was rubbish... the driver kept crashing, made BSOD and more!

On bog standard USB sticks, the LED is directly controlled by the USB drive and not the machine. The only way to stop it will be to open it up and physically remove the LED... or if possible, you may just want to put a bit of tape over it."