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Disable work offline in Internet Explorer 8

Disable work offline in Internet Explorer 8

"I am using Windows 7, and IE8.
Often, when I have IE8 open, and I resume the computer from sleep, I get the question about working offline - even if at that moment the wireless connection is available.
This is particularly sad, because all browsing is stopped until I dismiss that dialog, that may be hidden below other windows. This is more frequent if I have GMail open in a tab, but this behavior comes from other sites as well. I suppose, GMail triggers it more often just because of its background updates."

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Guest [Entry]

"Windows 7 Service Pack 1 contains a fix for this:

KB982370: You receive a ""Work Offline"" dialog box in Internet Explorer 8 after the computer resumes from sleep or from hibernation

Consider the following scenario:
- You use Windows Internet Explorer 8 to browse web pages.
- You put the computer to sleep (S3) or into hibernation (S4).
- You resume the computer after a while.

In this scenario, you receive a Work Offline dialog box in Internet Explorer 8. However, the computer is connected to the Internet."
Guest [Entry]

"I found this fix on a forum, didn't test it.

Look in the registry (START >> RUN >> REGEDIT)

Using regedit, find the folder:


And check that these two String keys are set to auto:
Create them if necessary!