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Disabling a DVD's built-in subtitles in VLC

Disabling a DVD's built-in subtitles in VLC

When playing a DVD in VLC which came with unintelligibly translated English subtitles included, I am unable to disable them and use a .srt file instead. I am able to disable subtitles altogether, but upon trying to load and use a .srt the original subtitles are displayed instead.

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"I don't think you can do this with a full DVD (eg, including the menus). If this is a DVD on a disc, you'll need to open it as a ""DVD"", not as a ""DVD (menus)"". You can probably do something similar if it's DVD-contents-on-a-harddrive.

Go to File >> Open Disc
Select ""DVD"" (not ""DVD (menus)"") as the ""Disc type"". The main DVD title should start playback (without menus)
Drag and drop the *.srt file onto the video to add it.

If you really want the menus, you'll need to reauthor your DVD (see link for tools and instructions; this method primarily uses Subtitle Creator software) to add the subtitles from your .SRT into the stream. You can play the result from your harddrive in VLC, or burn to DVDR."