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Display glitches in Windows 7 on Dell Latitude XT2

Display glitches in Windows 7 on Dell Latitude XT2

Since I installed Windows 7 on my Dell Latitude XT2 I am experiencing weird video glitches.

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Disable virtualization support in the bios and it fixes the problem. It's a known fault with the chipset. The other option is to install matching memory modules. This fault seems to be present with any computer which is using the 4500mhd intel graphics chipset. I had the same problem on my Dell e4200."
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"I can't find any Windows 7 drivers available for that model at Dell's support site, even though their support matrix says that Windows 7 is supported:


I can think of 3 things:

Use the Windows Standard VGA driver (and lose most of the visual effects).
Start turning visual effects off (Aero Theme, etc.) until the problem corrects itself.
Reinstall Vista as that's the version of Windows that came with the unit and are the drivers that are certified to work on that model."