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Do any wireless presenters really have a good range? [closed]

Do any wireless presenters really have a good range? [closed]

I've had a couple of wireless presenters (the little devices with a USB receiver which allow you to move PowerPoint presentations etc along remotely) and I've found that they're great when they're close to the laptop, but rubbish at any significant range.

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"As a trainer I have this problem with certain classrooms as well. I must admit the Apple IR Remote works brilliantly for me, but the few times that I don't have my Mac for presentations I have had huge success with the Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with the Wireless USB dongle. I have effectively used it at around 20 meters from the actual PC.

Unfortunately I don't own one. They are fairly pricey, and the one I had used belong to my previous company, who bought these for every trainer. It also has a built in timer with vibrate feature which is handy to track your time and also determine when your out of range without interrupting your flow.

Oh, and it's also a laser pointer.

There is also the R400 but this only has a 15m range."