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Do not get 'Safely remove' option in Tray for USB storage devices

Do not get 'Safely remove' option in Tray for USB storage devices

I had done some tweaks in service settings (Disabled some as I thought it is not needed). Now, I am not getting the option to safely remove mass storage device when I click the icon on the system tray. I tried enabling some of the services, but it didn't help. Moreover I'm not very sure if this anomaly is because of my changes in services.

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Guest [Entry]

"I have stopped depending on that tray icon.
The RemoveDrive tool is very good and
manages to Safely Remove the removable drives many times after that icon declares failure.

Suggest reading up the notes on the RemoveDrive page
(and several other pages from the same place)
to build your confidence on that tool.
Then, use it if you like it.

I typically keep a shortcut as shown here on the desktop as an immediate fall-back.

C:\some\path\RemoveDrive.exe U:\ -i -b

You can do that from the command line if your drive letter keeps changing."
Guest [Entry]

"Have you tried this procedure?

Right-click the Start button, select Properties, Taskbar tab,
Customize... button. Find the Safely Remove Hardware icon and select
either Hide when inactive, Always show, but not Always hide."
Guest [Entry]

"Reached here after having same problem.
RemoveDrive utility didn't work even in elevated command prompt on Windows 10

What worked for me is
Goto Disk Management diskmgmt.msc in Run or from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management (Disk Management will be under Storage)

Make the problem disk offline then remove disk from Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon in taskbar. Switching it back online and then removing device also works."