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Do you have DRM problems in Windows 7?

Do you have DRM problems in Windows 7?

I have not used Vista, but heard that it contained DRM measures that can make legitimate computer use more difficult. For example, from this article:

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Any DRM that there is in 7 has not affected me in one bit yet.

So many people said this about Vista, however I did not notice any problems. There was a huge bug in Vista with file copy speeds that people said was the DRM, however it was later fixed.

Using command prompt and doing copy was not affected so I don't think we will ever know if it was DRM or just bug.

Anyway, I was a happy Vista user and now I am a happy 7 user.

I know that there is DRM regarding HD disks and HDCP, however I do not use HD discs and unlike game/software DRM, I do not think that this is obtrusive - and it is as DRM should be, it just works without bugging the user."