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Does Notepad++ have a minimap feature?

Does Notepad++ have a minimap feature?

I'm not really sure what to call the "minimap" feature of a text editor.

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The new version of NP++ (6.0) has document map feature. Go View->Document Map. Document map or minimap will appear right hand side of the editor
Guest [Entry]

"If you use only one of Notepad++'s 2 frames (views) at a time, you use this hack:

Make the splitter between the frames vertical (if horizontal, right-click on the splitter and select Rotate to Left).
Right-click the tab of the file you wish to edit and select Clone to other view.
Click the view you wish to make the minimap and do Ctrl + Mousewheel-down until the font size is as small as possible/desired.
Check View > Synchronize Vertical Scrolling and optionally View > Synchronize Horizontal Scrolling.

Now scrolling either the ""minimap"" or normal view scrolls the other. Sadly, text selections are not replicated."