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Does opening a lot of tabs in Google chrome cause a performance issue?

Does opening a lot of tabs in Google chrome cause a performance issue?

I have heard that each tab in a Google chrome is a separate process. So if any tab crashed it won't be affected to the whole browser. So if you open so many tabs there will be as many processes in the OS.

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"I've used Chrome as main browser on one of my PCs. I've never experienced performance problems . Actually the mechanism keeps the single tabs very responsive because one ""bad"" site doesn't affect the other tabs.

BTW: also Internet Explorer 8 implemented the same mechanism and future versions of Firefox will do the same.

Edit: Here is an interesting blog post written by Scott Hanselman: Microsoft IE8 and Google Chrome - Processes are the New Threads"
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"Not at all. Even though processes on Windows are more expensive to create than on UNIX-based systems, It is not nearly slow enough be called an issue.

The added stability and resiliency added by using multiple processes actually makes Chrome feel faster because it tends to be more responsive when running multiple tabs with intense Javascript and/or Flash.

You can get a quick view of how the multiple processes can be used to keep the browser stable from here"
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"Yes... It will. But according to the capabilities of the modern computers the advantage you get from this (Capability of handeling each web page independantly, ex : In a failure) is bigger than the memory issue. Note that the modern computers have giga bytes of memory.

P.S The google comic book addresses this issue as well. Have look."