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Does there exist software to hide/remove tray icons?

Does there exist software to hide/remove tray icons?

"Currently in my tray I have:
- wireless network connection ... with a troubled signal
- local area connection (disconnected)
- safely remove hardware
- Nokia PC suite
- that little grey speaker
- on AC power
- some weird printer icon
- ActionOutline
- AdVantage (I have no idea what this is ...)
- Epson Event Manager (nor this ...)
- PowerISO ... (have a vague recollection what this could be ...)
- some icon with no tooltip that I'm afraid to click
- and another weird looking icon (looks like a little guy doing a backstroke)"

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Guest [Entry]

"In the taskbar and Start Menu properties, there is an option called hide inactive icons which may be what you're after:

After you have a certain amount of icons in the tray, it will hide the inactive ones so it doesn't take up as much space."
Guest [Entry]

There is also the Tray It!. The program is free and has a reasonable memory footprint. It's made to put custom icons in the tray bar, but it has also an option to remove unwanted symbols. It won't hide some of the system symbols though (like the wifi indicator).