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Does VirtualBox support hard drives and USB portable drives?

Does VirtualBox support hard drives and USB portable drives?

I'm new to VirtualBox and just installed it in my Windows 7. I installed Windows XP in my VirtualBox installation, and I don't know how to import some of my stuff from my Windows 7 installation. My portable drives can't be seen in Windows XP, but they can be seen in my Windows 7.

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Guest [Entry]

"You basically need to go to the USB tab and pass through the device.

I would be VERY careful doing something like this; your iPhone may restart several times throughout the process, and it is possible that it may not get picked up and will basically get added to the host first then be passed through to the guest after.

I would seriously warn against doing this and even using an old machine for it, USB in a VM is good for standard devices that just require a connection for one time use (webcams, memory sticks, etc.) but if restarting the device is part of the process (updates, etc.) you have to be so careful and make sure that VirtualBox is able to make it transparent and pass through the device the moment it is plugged in."